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Senators join with Montreal to play Quebec City

Jul 14, 2015 - An intrepid bunch of Senators travelled to Quebec City last Friday to play in a mini-tournament against the Quebec City, Montreal Irish, and Montreal Gaulois Old Boys. However, as the Senators were a little short of numbers, as were both Montreal teams, it was decided to combine the Ottawa and Montreal teams into one squad, to play one 80-minute game, wearing the Montreal Gaulois kit, against the daunting-looking Quebec City squad.

It was a humid, overcast Saturday afternoon on the Plains of Abraham. The scene was set for another historic battle. Both squads had plenty of subs, so a fast and open game was expected. The Senators had sent out their drinking team the night before - unfortunately this was the same as their playing team, so things didn't get off to a great start, and acting scrum-half Harris vomitted on the pitch after 10 minutes.

Quebec City Old Boys, clearly fit, sober and skillful, ran riot with the ball, running and passing freely, at times toying with their lack-lustre, sluggish-looking opponents. The try count racked up, and it was some consolation for the Ottawa/Montreal fusion as Paul Romano crashed over the Quebec City try line from a short-range tap-penalty for the only memorable reply.

However, fun was had by all (we're still in The Game!), and after a brief interlude around the hotel pool following the game, everyone met at the Ozone pub on the Grande Allee for post-match festivities. Suffice to say, Clifford was in no fit state to drive home on Sunday, and had to be replaced by a surprisingly sober Harris.

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