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Senators give battle on the Plains of Abraham

Jul 20, 2014 - The Senators enjoyed a well-matched battle against Quebec City Old Boys last weekend, finally coming up short at 7 tries to 4. In the sweltering heat on the plains, the two sides stood toe-to-toe, trading tries to make it 4-4 before the final quarter. Senators tries were scored by Warren Clifford, Nathan Harris, Trevor Mouland, and allegedly, Scott McKenzie, who appeared out of nowhere just in time to score, and then immediately disappeared again with a flash of light accompanied by a faint whiff of cordite.

The plethora of fresh Quebec subs finally took its toll on the Senators, conceding three further tries in the final quarter to round off a cracking fixture. Later on, both teams met to trade songs, speeches and stories on the Grand Alee, and the festivities went on long into the night...

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