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Senators win the inaugural St. Lawrence Cup!

Jul 2, 2014 - The Senators played their home fixture versus the Syracuse Chargers last Saturday afternoon at a scorching-hot TERP. The added incentive of the inaugural St. Lawrence Cup was up for grabs. A large Senators squad turned up, but only 11 Syracuse players, so the Senators made up their numbers to make it a fair match.

The match was briefly held up before the start as a streaker ran across the pitch waving a flag. Luckily the scantily-clad 74-year-old Welshman had kept his bottom half on to save his/our embarrassment. It turned out to be Harris Senior, visiting from Wales, nipping across the pitch to run the line.

Syracuse started strongly, scoring after only a few minutes of play. A typical fast-and-open Senators/Chargers game ensued, with both sides making strong attacks and defending well. The two sides exchanged scores twice to make it 3-3. The Senators began to get on top in the second half of the game and scored 2 more tries to seal victory at 5 tries to 3 (25-15). Senators tries were scored by Troy Messam (2), Chris Beggley, Andrew Bailes and Gerry Lannigan (who was presented the Shirt-of-Showing-Off post-game for his efforts).

The St. Lawrence Cup was presented to acting-Captain Colin Currie in the bar afterwards. The Senators travel to Syracuse on Saturday September 20th to defend the cup! (and to see if Gerry can beat his PB on the Bucking Bronco...)

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