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Senators vs Brockville

Oct 7, 2013 - The Captain writes:

It was a great day for rugby last Saturday and we played on the front field at TERP - a first for me. The Brockville team showed up with 14 players and Lindsay, Gerry and Tim stepped in to help them out. This helped improve their average age to 35 as they had a few very suspicious "Old Boys". Their fullback as an example looked like he had not shaved a day in his life, but assured us he just turned 35.

From the kick off we were under pressure which resulted in a quick score to
them. The next 10 minutes we camped in their 22. Dave had his try disallowed
as the referee deemed he had no control over the ball when he dotted it.
Then instead of giving them the scrum for the knock on, gave us the 5 metre
scrum. From the ensuing pressure we scored out wide when Brett ended off a
good backs move.

We then relaxed and let them walk in again for a try - our tackling letting
us down. We again camped in their half and when a pass went to ground Warren kicked it ahead and over the try line, but was denied the chance to score when their fullback tripped him from behind - we were awarded the penalty try.

For the rest of the game our scrum dominated, our rucking was the best I had
ever seen even though the referee penalized us for sealing the rucks when we
had rucked a few metres past the ball. Their lineout was the best I have
seen from an Old Boy team, yet we were able to win 80% of our own ball per
our statistician Brad. We even maintained our discipline, bar Einar (guess
you cannot ask this ref what the penalty was for if you are not captain),
when the ref made some strange calls, and we were ahead on the penalty count as well.

The main reason we lost this game was poor tackling at certain points in the
game and Gerry Lanigan stopping a certain try for us and then creating one
for them. Geoff scored a try with the final move of the game, but in the
process of grounding the ball and having a young gorilla dry hump him from
behind he hurt his knee.

Jon M. Smith was awarded man of the match for his outstanding overall play -
Brockville thought he was a loose forward and not a front row. Overall we
played well and maybe some of us were reminded of the pace of the younger

Training will continue outdoors for as long as we can. Our last game of the
season is against Quebec City on October 26, followed by the players dinner
that Saturday night at the Arrow and Loon. Let me know if you are playing
if you have not already.


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