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Much-Improved Senators display vs Peterborough

Sep 15, 2013 - The Senators, still smarting from their defeat away from home on July 13th, put on a much-improved display yesterday against the Krocs (Peterborough) at TERP. The Krocs arrived with only 12 players, so the Senators "donated" a few bodies to bring them up to the full 15. There was a very different atmosphere in the Senators changing room on this day, compared to only 6 days before in Barrhaven. The desire to win was evident, the passion and team spirit was back!

The Senators started in impressive style with a well-finished try by Man-of-the-Match and Shirt-of-Showing-off recipient Chris Begley, after an effective Senators back-line move. Another by speedster Troy Messam and a second from Begley followed shortly, and the Senators seemed to be literally running away with the game. However, in the second quarter, after a rather unusual change of referees, the Senators seemed to lose their way a bit and they let the hard-rucking Peterborough side back into the game with 2 tries. In the second half the Senators pulled themselves together again and added 2 more tries, one from slippery scrum-half Einar Murchison and his first ever try for the Senators by plucky flanker Bruce McAllister. It would have been 3 more tries, but having sprinted half the length of the pitch to cross the line unchallenged, Shirt-of-Shame recipient Nathan Harris proceeded to spill the ball in the dead-ball area - a masterful example of "try avoidance"! Peterborough managed one further try to bring the final score to 5-3, a satisfying victory for the Senators.

Next game: vs Kingston (away), Sunday September 22nd, 1:30 p.m. kick-off.
See you there!

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