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Senators slip up in Peterborough

Jul 24, 2013 - This is all that could be gleaned from the players who actually made the trip: "The day started off like any other Saturday, as a steady stream of Senators gathered in Peterborough from across the Ottawa region and prepared for a rugby game. Shirts were stretched out on the grass, mouth guards were rinsed, and toupees adjusted as the lads counted up bodies. Kickoff time approached ...and the side gathered to link arms to hear a few last (if not lasting) words from the captain..."

What happened next is shrouded in mystery and secrecy - no one is talking, but a mixture of "4 props in the front 5", "2 scrum halves in the back line", "dropped passes in scoring positions", "I took a forearm in the face", "they had several first team players", "some questionable refereeing decisions" were some of the excuses made over a few beers one evening.

Consequently, the final score was 25-10 (5 tries to 2) to Peterborough, the Senators' first defeat of the season. The Senators will be looking forward to entertaining Peterborough at home on Saturday 14th September when, hopefully, there will be no excuses needed!

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