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Senators Edges Syracuse in Nail Biter

Jun 30, 2013 - The afternoon had an inauspicious start as the Senators arrived to find that they were locked out– our Fixtures Secretary failing to send the requisite fifth confirmation e-mail to TERP management to actually get them to open up the place. As a result, the Senators took their rightful place on the front pitch and faced up against Syracuse – the second SOBs team in a week. It was wonderful weather for rugby, ‘fresher’ than normal for a Canada Day weekend.

On the pitch, the Senators fielded a full pack, but a distinctly diminished back line – with most of the first team missing and no Backs subs. It was noted that your acting Secretary was nervously lined up against Syracuse’s own Carlin Isles (if a little older and whiter): Larry Pilan. The game started slowly, but the Senators soon put a couple of tries on the board, both the inaugural for each scorer. The first came from newcomer Matt “I got this, no, no really, I got this” Thorpe and for the second, in long-awaited fashion, a five-yard penalty led to Alex Haynes blasting through their defence like an armour piercing bullet. Soon after, Larry ran through half the backs chasing a great kick from their fly half to get one back for Syracuse.

In the second half, both teams found their stride a little. Rowan masterfully ran through three tackles (he says) to score on the wing. And then the Senators scored the best try seen in the last couple of years. Picking up the loose ball to start the move in no way influenced your acting Secretary in this judgement. Beautiful, rolling, vintage rugby from half the team eventually led to Dave Walsh taking it over the line in the corner. Syracuse scored three tries during the second half from Joe Perrano, Jason Allers and another from Larry, leaving it at 4-4 with a few minutes to go. However, the Senators were not over yet: Rowan was given the ball in the clear and again ran half the pitch to score a great deciding try.

Final score 25-20, or 5 tries to 4. A great game and a fine Senators result. Senators Man of the Match was Shawn Debow for his tireless work in the pack

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