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Franconia Fun

Jun 8, 2013 - Lots of fun and no lack of rugby was had last weekend by all in the OMotM tournament in Franconia, NH. The Senators are still unbeaten so far this season, with well-deserved victories over Seacoast and Worcester in the sweltering New Hampshire sunshine. Stand-out try scorers included Captain Warren "Bokke" Clifford, cheeky chubby-faced open-side John "Cecil" Allen, orange-booted fullback Chris Begley, and returning guest player Trevor "Greased Lightning" Mouland from New Brunswick. Overall, this was an impressive squad effort by the 20 or so Senators players who made the trip, and the only casualties were Cecil's knee and Darren Elder's mouth-guard!

Already looking forward to next year, but note-to-self: go easy on Friday night...!

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