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Senators get off to a good start

May 11, 2013 - The Senators started their 2013/14 season with a well-deserved victory over Barrhaven Scottish this afternoon at TERP (12 p.m. k.o.). Barrhaven had beaten Kingston 7-2 the previous weekend in their season opener, so a tough, enjoyable game was expected.

The game kicked off, and within minutes, John "Hamster" Allen made a "Moses-like" break up the field from a free kick, eventually ( and reluctantly) off-loading to an eager Troy "Sparta" Messam, who scampered in like a scared rabbit to score virtually unchallenged. The Senators were winning good set-piece ball, and after several phases of play, the back-line finished off a scything foray into Barrhaven territory with a well-taken try by Chris "Orange Boots" Begley. Another back-line attack shortly afterwards saw Troy cross the Barrhaven line for a second time. Troy, now realizing he was in serious danger of having to buy team "hat-trick" beers, played no further part in the game. The Senators led 3-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Barrhaven made a spirited comeback during the second quarter, scoring a well-deserved try at the bottom of a pile of 20 bodies. The Senators struggled with their line-out ball, giving possession away on several occasions, but eventually a well-won ball spun out to the backs ended with Rohan "not Troy" Henry gliding in for a try to make it 4-1 to the "Home" side. In the final quarter, a pitch invasion by supporters of Greenpeace occurred, as a cheeky offload by Skipper Warren "Bokke" Clifford to Welsh No.8 Mark "no job" Patterson saw Patterson flop over the line like a beached whale.

Final score 5-1. A good time was had by all! Next weekend: President V Captain @ TERP, 12 p.m. k.o., followed by the Gentlemen's Dinner - see you then!

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