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Match Report: Ottawa Senators V Syracuse Chargers

Oct 14, 2012 - During a 4 hour drive down there yesterday morning, US Customs appeared to be unaware of the “special relationship” between the UK and the USA, and promptly frogmarched Mark Patterson, John Allen and Nathan Harris in for some rubber glove treatment, but not one to miss out on some potential rectal action, a smiling Dave Christie volunteered to come with them. There was also some extremely questionable navigation by other members of the Senators travelling entourage, the game nearly starting without Colin Currie or John Smith, and in good Senators tradition we had lots of forwards subs but not a single back sub.
With the game barely underway, 39 milliseconds after the ball had left Nathan’s boot, Ashley Richardson suffered a debilitating cuticle injury of his left little toenail, retired from the field and played no further part in the game. Not willing to be upstaged by a prop, just a moment or so later Colin Currie, still reeling from his lack of an appropriate warm up and his fine for being late, decided to join Ash in the Senators supporters section after a red-shorted Syracuse player mowed him over, and in a fit of embarrassment and temper, he pulled an insignificant muscle and he retired from the game.
The subsequent reorganisation saw Patterson move from 8 to 12 for the remainder of the game proving once again that forwards can play in the backs, but it never seems to work the other way round????
Syracuse put out a very strong team and after some strong running and counter attacking they caught the Senators a bit off guard and that mainly led to the 4 conceded tries. They rucked and counter-rucked very well, allowing them the majority of the possession during the game. Throughout the game the Senators ran well with ball in hand, tackled well and after a few team talks started controlling their own possession and ball retention.
The 3 Senators tries came as the result of constant pressure by the team and are summarised below:
In an effort of individual brilliance, or so he claims, Harris the Welsh Wonder and legend in his own lunchtime, opened the scoring for the Senators after he deftly chipped the ball over the advancing Syracuse defence, collecting his own kick and scoring under the posts. The subsequent conversion, off a kicking tee, was Harris’s proudest kicking moment of the day.
The second try was the result of a quick tap penalty, John ‘Moses’ Allen, parted the seas of the Syracuse defence when they were all looking the other way and he strolled in under the posts without so much as a ruffle in his back-row hair gel. Harris missed the conversion.
The third try came as a result of some strong running and recycling by the forwards, notably Alex ‘Angry’ Haynes who set the ball up about 15 yards from the line and in a non-typical backs play the inside centre, Patterson, dropped his shoulder into the first tackler, handed off the second and was tackled over the line to score. Harris missed the conversion.
All in all a great game from the travelling Senators, propped up by scoring from the ex-pats. Man of the match went to Mark Patterson, who has agreed not to play in the next game to give someone else, preferably a Canadian, the chance of winning it !!! The Shirt of Shame was awarded to Colin Currie who proudly stripped off in the pub to don the spandex top which neatly displayed every glorious detail of his developed abbs and chest. The after game social was quite outstanding and we were hosted very well by Syracuse and the Syracuse ladies rugby team who had some enlightening new verses of some old rugby songs.
Final Score 22-17 to Syracuse (would have been 22-21 if the Senators had a kicking tee, ask Nathan ??)

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