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Senators O45s secure narrow victory vs Barrhaven Scottish

Sep 24, 2012 - It took some time to pry the Senators’ backline away from the skateboard park Sunday afternoon at South Nepean Park, but rugby was the order of the day as the Senators took to the field to take on the Barrhaven Scottish Old Boys (SOBS) for their second meeting of the season, an over 45 fixture which drew a good cross-section of Senators from 45 to 60+, and saw the return of a couple of Senators from Cornwall, Mike Finnerty and Bill Swinden
The game got underway and it wasn’t long before the Senators backline, uniforms still crisp and hair-gel still wet, started putting together their moves; switches, scissors, crashes, you name it they tried it as ball was made available from strong forward play. With the relentless crashing of the SOBS backline by Colin Currie and Dave Christie it wasn’t long before the hard work paid off as Nathan Harris, exploiting the gaps, ran in for his first of three tries on the day.
The SOBS, strong and determined as ever, and bolstered by a few Kingston players, fought back gamely and it wasn’t long before a slight miscommunication and errant Senators pass was picked off by Steve Jamieson for the SOB’s first try.
Similar to the first fixture, the game was close and the intensity high, onlookers and passers-by drawn to the spectacle. Local residents, hearing the cheers, left the comfort of their homes and their Sunday lunches and flocked to witness the athletic prowess of these men in their form fitting jerseys. Just another game for the Senators but the relentless and textbook mauling and scrummaging by the forwards must have been a joy to behold, topped off by exciting and creative running by the backs. The tranquil Barrhaven setting was buzzing as the Senators took a 2-1 lead on another try by Harris.
Back and forth the action went, another try by Jamieson brought the teams even as the match headed into the final 20 minutes. Withstanding a very strong effort by the SOBS in the third period the Senators fought back in the fourth providing Nathan Harris the opportunity to finish off another strong effort by the Senators. Final score 3-2.
As always, the SOBS were great hosts and stories were swapped at the Royal Oak. Ashley Richardson received Man of the Match honours from Barrhaven, and Dave Christie, playing on the wing, received the Shirt of Shame for deviating from a certain try after a 30 yard run to cut inside and run at a SOB player and get tackled. You can take the boy out of the forwards but you can’t take the forward out of the boy.

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