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Sens 50+ vs Barrhaven Scottish Old Boys (SOBS) July 15

Jul 20, 2012 - Game Report - Sens 50+ vs Barrhaven Scottish Old Boys (SOBS) July 15

The Barrhaven Scottish Old Boys turned out about 20 players more than ready to take on the Senators Over-the-hill? 50s + squad on a hot, humid, sweltering day at Twin Elm. The Scottish looked fit and eager for this inaugural match with the Sens.

Before the match, Peter Maitland gave a little inspirational talk to both teams at centre field where he singled out Bill Erickson for special praise for longstanding service as a Senator's oldest & most admired player.

The Scottish soon had the Senators on their back foot as most of the first half seemed to be played in the Senators' half of the field. Only dogged pursuit and hard tackling by the Senators back row & back line saved the day. Dave Connell was conspicuous in his relentless tracking and tackling all over the field. The Scottish did their part by running with abandon and constantly forcing the Senators into a defensive mode. The action flowed back and forth with neither side able to gain a clear advantage. There were a few tries in the first half but the outcome was yet to be decided.

The second half was even more hotly contested as the heat (30+) and humidity started to take a toll. Colin Currie crashed through for the Senators first try on one of his signature straight-ahead punishing runs. This was followed by Ashley Richardson's brilliant ramble to the line for the Senators second try. The score was knotted well into the second half when down inside the Scottish 22, Steve distributed a great spinning pass to centre Gerry Lanigan. Gerry noted the defence was prepared for him to try a run-through and instead decided to slice the ball off the side of his boot towards the left corner flag. The ball was kicked expertly and started a perfect tumbling motion towards the corner flag whereupon Lindsay merely had to accelerate, follow the bouncing ball and touch it down in the corner. Sens win narrowly 3-2, but then again, Bill Hourston says Sens win all games, every year!

It was a great 50s Day at TERP and Kudos to Peter Maitland for organizing this special 2nd annual event. Special thanks to co-treasurers for the Day, Janet & Jackie, Food suppliers Ed & Maura and Bindy Maitland, Social Secretary, Rick Seguin & Merilee, Trainer - George Fortier, and all of the 50s players.

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