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Senators vs. Hull Volant RFC

May 5, 2012 - The Senators first competitive match of 2012 took place at TERP on Saturday 5th May with a Development Game against the Hull-Volant RFC with an average age 20 years less than that of the Senators!

A number of injuries sustained during the previous week's inter squad game meant that Senators spirits were a little dampened prior to kickoff. However, once the action began it was soon clear that this was to be a much tighter affair than some (Captain Darren) had predicted. Both teams competed well at the breakdowns while the Senators had the upper hand in most of the scrums.

A rampaging run for a try by Hull-Volant's huge lock threatened to have opened the flood gates, but the old guys held their ground well and restricted the youngsters to only two more scores. Special mention should be made of the Senators back line, which, due to injuries and unavailability, had no substitutes and therefore had to play the full game without a break.

This game of four 20 minute quarters was a good indicator of our fitness levels and in the fourth quarter, as our opponents tired, the Senators continued to apply pressure to the extent that Hull-Volant were more often than not happy to kick for touch rather than attempt to run the ball against the Old Men in purple/pink.

An enjoyable game was finished off as best we could with canned drinks in the TERP backroom due to a "private hockey function" ongoing in the main bar!

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