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Pregame - Captain vs President

Apr 24, 2012 - In a timeless fashion, the Ottawa Senators combatants will take to the field at Twin Elm Rugby Club on April 28, 2012 to decide who gets a thumbs up and who gets the thumbs down as the Captain selects an elite and probably stacked with youth squad to take on the aging but crafty, cagey and battle hardened warriors led by our President. The terms of humiliation to be endured by the losers has not been announced but is sure to involve ridicule of one's ancestry, heritage, skull density and various other body parts. Such is the way we like to start our season of rugby, promoting fellowship, friendship and team building. Where old friends get together with new friends and give all in the spirit of running into, through and over each other in order to place the oval ball on the ground with simple reverence and satisfaction of a job well done and the prospect of a pint of barley and malt in pure spring water, perfectly tempered for post game stories and lies of grandeur. Ahh. I can smell the grass being pushed up my nostrils, feel the mud in my shorts, and picture the bruises of cleat marks running across my back already. Bring on a new season. We're ready.

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