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Game Report Kingston

Sep 15, 2011 - Here is the game report from Captain Scot Fortier

The Senators travelled to Kingston to play on a Sunny and warm day. We even had more players than the lake Ontario shore huggers. The pack must have had their pre game raw meat as the first quarter was all Ottawa dominating the srums and even stealing foiling multiple Kingston Put-ins. The result at the end of the first quarter was 1-0 for the visitors.

However Kingston had a secret weapon called 'what is that stench?' Since it was all over the field there was no relief and Kingston seemed impervious to it's effects. Slowly they found their game lead by Steve Jamieson directing the ground attack. Assisted by Dave aka 'Slippy' and his outside cetner companion Murphy they built up a 3 try lead. The last quarter was wide open with both teams scoring multiple tries. Final Score 8-5.

However what was entirely new was the post game chatter. It wasn't about the world cup and even NFL football not the dinner we enjoyed but players actually talking about what we did wrong and how we can improve. Truly a first in the Senators history. Will our Heros find a solution in time to face the Peterbourough boys? Stay tuned.

(Editors Note - our official score line will of course be adjust as we had our RA and TA factors in effect. The RA is the Rookie allowance and with three rookies - Scott, Alex and Brad in the line up that counts three and of course the TA is the travel allowance so an 9-8 score line in the Senators archives!)

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