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Senators Victorious

May 3, 2011 - Yes the Senators claimed their first victory of the season when they played ourselves and won! The game got off to a slow start under brilliant blue skies at the Supreme Court ground. Because two Captains were present, plus the President it took awhile to sort out the teams. Captain Scott picked his team and then said Dan could be vice-captain. Dan said I'm not playing second fiddle so Dermot said that Dan could be Co-Captain on his team which was OK for Dan. The game was hotly contested with the Presidents side going ahead early. New man Eric was instrumental in scoring and setting up a number of tries before he was shanghaied to play for the Captain's squad. Afterwards a heated discussion took place as Eric "La Petit Souris" went on to add a few more for the Captain's team. After many beers at the Gentleman's Dinner it was declared a tie as no one could remember who scored what with all Senators present saying they scored or helped set up numerous tries. Even Warren who was not at the game claimed he scored 2! The dinner was great as usual with about 30 Senators taking in the talk by former Canadian team member Norm Carr who related numerous stories of both his time with Rugby Canada and his time with the Canadian Bobsleigh team. Thanks to Norm and to Al Rose who set up the dinner.

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