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Old Men of the Mountain

Jun 11, 2010 - Great weekend in Franconia – the Senators had a good turn out in Franconia last weekend with a little help from the lads from New Brunswick. On Friday the boys gather in the Woodstock microbrew for a little team bonding. Some got home at three am after sampling the brews and moving onto other venues where they kept the locals entertained. Game day everyone was ready. Senators stole the show at the 26th Annual Old Men of the Mountain tournament. First of all we all turned up at the Park wearing or new T-shirts with Senators logo. Then of course we took to the pitch wearing our smart looking Mauve/Chartreuse/what colour is it jersey. It must have confused the opposition as we held 2 teams scoreless while we put 4 across the line. Afterwards we returned to the Gale River Motel where the hot tub had a work out. The Shirt of Shame was turn into the Shirt of Fame because we all played so well. New man in his debut effort, Warren Clifford got the honours as his rabbit like runs made the difference on numerous occasions. Thanks to all who went and thanks to all the supporters who came along for the great mountain views and New England hospitality.

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