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Lanark 7's

Apr 28, 2010 - Our run-arounds paid off big time as the Senators Captured Hardware in the Lanark Seven’s. We won the Old Boys round with hardly breaking out in a sweat. We did so well we decided to play in the regular Men’s round. That is where things got very interesting – we won hardware there too! We saved our best for the end as we made the Beer-Cup Cup round. Being wily veterans we took on the Outlaws from Napanee where we saved ourselves for the actual official cup event – which of course is the after game drink-off. All eyes were on the contestants as our Man, Curtiss, honorary Senator for the Day, faced off against a swaggering young buck from Napanee. Curtiss had received his pre-drink off instructions from some of the best in the business as Dan Kline, Perky and others gave him plenty of advice on how to knock one back. It was of course no contest in the end as Curtiss did the Senators proud. In the regular round our best effort came against the eventual winners, Barrhaven-Scottish where on a regular sized field and Barrhaven with numerous Harlequinns on the pitch almost went down to official defeat. Of course with our OFF (Old Fart Factor we won 15-5) as we counted their tries as 1 and ours as 5. We did received help from the Ottawa Irish who gladly pitched up a few younger ones to sub in for the Senators so hats off to the Irish. We gave Jamie from the Irish the Man of The Match gift. Jamie is only 17 so hopefully he learned a few tricks.

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