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Fall Tour - Manchester NH

Nov 19, 2009 - It was the Best of Times and the Worst of times.

Yes the annual year end trip was best of times this year with great weather, great hosts, great game and over all great time. Besides the odd hitch like a long wait at the border for one group, a good time was had by all. It started on Friday night when we were hosted at the local cigar bar with free beer and pizza. We discovered that their drinking team had been sent to greet us and force feed beer and Irish whiskey down our open throats. Some Senators were wise to the tactics but some of the less wily fell into the trap and gladly took all that was offered. Rick and Perky who don’t have years of experienced, showed, as it took them most of the game the next day to get the cobwebs out.

Saturday the weather was marvellous and the field conditions could not have been better. Unfortunately not all Senators felt great. We were joined by about 7-8 rugby hounds who travelled from Worcester and Boston to get in a game. Their help was needed as the Amoskeag lads proved to be a formidable lot. The opening ten minutes set a blistering pace. Perky was sent on a sure score when Darren passed him the ball and what looked like a gift try went awry. Afterwards Perky said the pass hit his oversized head which had not yet recover from the Budweiser t blitz. Later in the game Perky got even when he passed Darren the ball meters from the line and he dropped it too.

The after party was good and it went on into the night as we went from one bar to another to join the Amoskeag lads a going away party for one of their members. As usual the Senators gave their player of the match a coveted Senators tie and their organizer a Canadian Maple leaf toque to remember us by. They choose the Senators player of the Match. Then it was the worst of times. You can imagine the pride of being chosen the player of the match. You are standing before the assembled throngs feeling Senator’s pride! Then club captain Dermot got up and announced the Shirt of Shame award. There was lots of candidates to choose from. Could it be Quigley or Perky who felt the affects of free alcohol, Elder who was poised several times to touch down in the end goal only to let it slip. No the Senators somehow chose the Man of the Match. Yes, Hourston had been selected simply because his slashing runs had outpaced his own team mates time and again and he had to give the ball up to the opposition. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. He cut a fine figure in the multi-coloured “Shirt of Shame” and vowed to pass it on next year to a more deserving soul! Of course we won in the end as they had no red shorts, no long drive to contend with(after all seven hours in a vehicle is worth a few tries) and our carry forward from our victorious season ensures a win at the end of the year. We do not have a hangover quotient but we will consider that one for next year.

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