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Sens V Nobs

Oct 12, 2009 - Last weekend saw the Senators travel to Burlington where we took on the NOBS. Before the game even started the Senators had an incredible lucky find. While in the parking lot of the mini-mart up the street one Senator found a $20 bill blowing in the breeze which he took in, bought a sports drink and a scratch ticket. Wouldn’t you know it actually won! “The store keeper was so excited I thought I won the big prize.” Turns out it was too big to cash out at the store. The luck held as or small but mighty gang of intrepid travellers along with help from Markham, London + Niagara plus a few old boys from the NOBs put on a power display of classic old boys give and go rugby. Each side put on a show with lots of space. In the end the Senators et al prevailed 6-5 and captured back the Con Sheehan trophy. Afterwards the beer flowed as we spent our winnings and then each Senator and supporter also got to share in the reward of over $200 each. Next time you also could be lucky so travelling with the Senators is good for the body, mind and economy! Thanks to all who made the trip.

The week before had seen the Senators take on the Bulldogs. We tamed the pups with a little help from our friends. Thanks to the lads from Lanark who supported the Senators in an extremely competitive game. With the score close Gerry “Red Shorts” Lanigan made an impressive goal line burst and literally dove meters high into the end goal to dot it down for our come from behind victory. Of course as every Old Boy knows we always count red short tries at face value. Next time we will have to fill the referee in on the rules though!

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