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Sens v Wolves

Sep 18, 2009 - The Senators had the game well in hand before the first whistle as the Wolves had youth and speed 2 things which had them in the hole right away. With our OFF + FBI that was all we need to claim victory before the start. (Old Fart Factor and Fat Based Index). We kept the carry-forward for this week! The Wolves looked impressive as the warmed up while we struggled out of the dressing room just in time for the KO. Once they had a look at us the pleaded for mercy when they asked us to play uncontested scrums. This was tantamount to surrender in our eyes. How do old, over weight and out of shape guys beat youth and speed. You push them around in the scrum! We finally worked out compromise where by we did the double up score advantage law where we get two for their one as we had to play high school scrum laws. Our number 8 on the day Mark Hartigan had a field day on the scrum pick ups. The rest of us thought he looked so good we let him do it on his own. As we watched him beeline up the field on multiple occasions only to fall short when he ran out of gas and out ran his support! Perky made up for it thought as he crossed the goal line twice with Gerry Eldridge and Tim Frank adding others. (someone else too but the authors memory is not so good.) Final tally was 10-5 for the Senators as we counted all of our cross the line efforts even if the ref didn’t! Perky was man of the match and soundly defeated his Wolves counterpart in the beer-off at the end. That surely counts for something too!

McCormick Cup action this weekend. Irish take on Auroara at TERP 3pm and Balmy Beach ar at Barrhaven – 3pm

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