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Sens v Nobs

Sep 10, 2009 - Here is the game report from our Arc day match. Yes we thought Noah himself had commanded the Lord to deluge the Earth with enough rain to float the Arc as the Senators squared off against the Niagara Old Boys. The heavens poured down which suited our game to a tee. With a relentless pack led by Mark “Dough Boy” Patterson who had just arrived back from three weeks vacation in every Pub in England. Enough said as he made his mark on the game with more than one try. The other Mark at back row though was Man of the Match as Mark Hartigan looked good with ball in hand as he hid behind the rain drops to confuse the Nobs and the ref on many occasions. The rain never let up once during the game where just in for a week’s holiday, was the “Ratman” himself as Tom Milroy sat in the covered patio and watched the proceedings from afar. He said his hair couldn’t take the soft Ottawa rain as it was used to hard prairie water from Winnipeg. All survived the downpour as the Senators poured on the trys in this game which sits us in good favour with our Carry Forward rule. (That is the one where can claim excess trys from one game and carry them forward to a future match.) Afterwards everyone enjoyed the grub and grog with many thanks to Al and Rhonda for the chilli and salads.

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