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President v Captain Game

May 8, 2009 - Last weekend saw the Senators chalk up their second victory of the season as we squared off against ourselves. A total of 22 or so Senators turned up for the annual President’s vs Captain’s game. It was a hotly contested affair. Maybe too hot as tempers flared. Imagine Senators getting mad at Senators. It was just like Parliament Hill at question period. The lads were loaded for bear as we awoke from our long winter’s slumber. Referee Lindsay McKenna had his hands full as multiple infractions occurred at every point in the game. Speaking of points both sides declared victory. Dr. Watson said his side was best on the day as they were handicapped due to the Captain’s side having the official team jersey. That is worth extra points on the board. Dermot had none of that as he said his side had new man Sam who gave him “Rookie Points”. The argument continued well into the pints that night when we had our Gentlemen’s dinner. Guest speaker Tom Jones from the IRB had some great stories of his past adventures at the World Cup. He even mentioned Jim Lohoar and his mad cap adventures in Agen during the 1991 world cup. Jim is everywhere it seems.

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