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Friendly Match Sens V Aardvarks

Apr 30, 2009 - Last weekend saw the Senators traveled to Rochester to take on the Aardvark ”Old Boys”. We use the term loosely as their back line had no grey hair, no noticeable body fat and as someone remarked most of us had children older than them. We had combined with the NOBs and one lonely lad from Belleville made the trip. Putting our collective heads together we said we have to implement the EME. What is this you dare ask? It is the Extra Men Effect. If they were young then we can have more. Once we implemented this game plan it was lights out for the Aardvarks. How do you win a war said Napoleon. With more than the opposition of course! Once we slipped on extra numbers to plug up the holes their backs had no where to roam. Chuck from the NOB’s made the big break first as we overwhelmed them with triple centres and Jim Nordin plunged in the knife when in OT- yes we challenged them to an extra period, scooted one in for the final try of the game. Final score 2-0. Our season is off to a great start again. Afterwards they showered us with free beer and lots of food at a local pub that was only $50 cab ride from our hotel. Next year we will know better.

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