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Awards Dinner

Nov 25, 2008 - Some 70 or so Senators and friends turned out for the annual dinner dance/awards night at the Twin Elm Rugby Park clubhouse on November 22, wrapping up yet another successful Senators season. As usual, there were copious amounts of wine and food and dancing, along with a chance to honour those club members who helped make the year the enjoyable time it was (and did we say successful? Again, it was a season in which we won all our games, according to team mathematician Bill Hourston).

Topping the award winners were ageless Bill Erickson, 75, who took away the President's Trophy for his on-field inspirational play, and loquacious Tom Milroy, who went home with the Cape Trophy as the player deemed to have contributed to the club both on and off the field during the year. The Players' Player of 2008, chosen by his teammates, was Dan Kline, whose entire acknowledgement speech was limited to six words: "The voting must have been close."

Definitely the prettiest of the award winners was Rhonda Hogle, who received a bouquet from captain Dermot Nally for her off-field contributions to the club, such as organizing the golf tournament. Less pretty was veteran forward Randall Armstrong, whose hip hop dancing left his baggy pants flopping on the floor and his briefs exposed to the astonished views of all. However club president Andy Watson looked natty in his tux and Mark Patterson impressed the ladies with his full military kit, including medals.

Jim Lohoar honoured Peter Sloan, Mike Day and Bill Erickson for their 200-year contribution to our front row (red shorts forever!), and at the other end of the age scale, youthful Rick Squires and Rick Quigley shared the Rookie of the Year award. Tom Sherrat won the Blind Pig prize for most injuries during the season, and while he didn't win an official award, Lindsay McKenna was mentioned for musical-leadership-in-a-lost-cause in respect of his efforts on the bus trip back from Boston at the end of the year. But he has to improve on his "One Banana, Two Banana" routine, it was generally agreed.

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