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Sens v KROCS

Sep 19, 2008 - Last weekend the Senators used a host of tactics to overwhelm the visiting Peterborough Krocs side. We showed patience in the first half and were generous too as we let them have the early lead before Peter “The Sniper” Maitland ambushed them. Maitland who has only returned to his old form let the forwards do the heavy work and he lay in wait for the rewards. Hiding behind Mark Patterson at number 8 he simply was there when the ball fell miraculously free on two occasions where he simply picked it up and passed it to a wide open Senator who dotted it down for a try. Another great moment in the game was when Perky did his “Snake in the Grass move.” Perky who stands slightly taller than the grass at TERP decided he should belly down and try and slither into the end zone with the ball. This might have worked had not the ref been standing over top of him. He kindly pointed out that the game was meant to be played by men on their feet. Perky promptly said he was! Man of the Match was new man Rick Squires who did a great job in his second match of his life. He also showed his other prowess when in the Post Game awards he handily defeated the Krocs Man of the Match in the traditional beer jug-off. What skills are needed to be a rugby player!

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