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NOBS at South Nepean Park, August 23

Sep 17, 2008 - About nine NOBS made the trip to Ottawa and we loaned them some of our stalwarts such as Perky, Hartigan and Smith in order to have a 15-aside game. Of course, this invoked the ETCFS (Every Try Counts For The Senators) rule, which basically says that as our men were involved in some fashion, then we counts the points. Fortunately, this allowed us to transfer the eleven or so tries scored that day to the Senators' scoresheet. This carry-forward allowance gives us lots of breathing room for the rest of the year. Naturally we're sorry for future opponents, but the rule's the rule! All who played the match under the blazing hot sun and amid a flood of sweat were suitably restored by the post-game libations. Men of the Match beers went to Senators rookie Rick Squires, who put on a fine show in his first game, and to Frank Berry, who had not played in 20-plus years.

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