St. John's AAA Maple Leafs
2013/10/29 - LEAFS NEW WEBSITE: The Major Midgets St. John's Maple Leafs have moved to their new website as of October 29, 2013 at. http:/... read more

2013/10/10 - LEAFS ARE HEADED TO THE GOULDS THIS WEEKEND: The St.John's Maple Leafs head out this weekend to meet their crosstown rivals th... read more

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Welcome to the home of the St. John's AAA Maple Leafs! This website has been designed to provide up-to-date information regarding our team, including sport reports, schedules, results and announcements!

The St. John's AAA Maple Leafs are heading into their 4th year of existence in the Newfoundland Labrador AAA Midget Hockey League.

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Newest Sport Report

2013/10/20 - ST. JOHN'S MAPLE LEAFS TAKE 4 POINTS FROM THE WESTERN KINGS - Have you ever wondered?? What happens to a team up 3 goals in the first period then having to fight back to take the win? Well wonder no more.. Redmond Hunt went into the net feeling ill with a virus but assured himself he was up to the task of taking ... read more

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John Morgan- 576-6776

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