Ottawa Senators Rugby Football Club (OSRFC)
2014/07/11 - Entente Cordiale...!: The Senators make their first trip to Quebec City this weekend to play their Old Boys side on Saturday (... read more

2014/06/27 - Message from the President: This Saturday we are playing against Syracuse at TERP, kickoff is at 1:30pm, meet time is 12:45 ... read more

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The Ottawa Senators Rugby Football Club (OSRFC) would like to welcome you to our website.

Founded (first match) in 1982 (before the local hockey team, with which we have no affiliation!!!), we are a bunch of 35-and-over rugby guys based in and around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and we regularly play other over-35 and over-50 sides within the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa triangle. We frequently venture further afield for matches, including two annual tournaments and other fixtures in the US. We hold regular social events throughout the season, including during the unplayable winter months!

We're always looking for new players and our playing season begins in May (once the pitches have defrosted and dried out a bit!) at home (Twin Elm Rugby Park) and usually ends in late October/early November with a "tour" somewhere in Ontario, Quebec or the north-eastern United States.

We train on Tuesdays from 6:30 p.m. at Gloucester High School field (2060 Ogilvie Road) in the summer and at the Elgin Street police gym during the winter, followed by "choir practice" in the Arrow & Loon pub, Bank Street and Fifth.

Come and join us - "Spiritus est Velle" - "The spirit is willing" (even though the body may not always agree...) - Stay in The Game!


Newest Sport Report

2014/07/20 - Senators give battle on the Plains of Abraham - The Senators enjoyed a well-matched battle against Quebec City Old Boys last weekend, finally coming up short at 7 tries to 4. In the sweltering heat on the plains, the two sides stood toe-to-toe, trading tries to make it 4-4 before the final quarter. Senators tries were ... read more

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