A Message from the Captain...

Sep 4, 2017 - Senators -- a great game yesterday (27th August) at TERP. We turned up in good numbers, played hard and came away with a win. An excellent way to kick off the fall season.

As I've reminded everyone before, our next game is Saturday, September 9 in Syracuse. Numbers are shaping up for that as well. Rides can be arranged, and although you might be too late to get the discounted rate at the Crowne Plaza, that is where we are staying -- which is right next to the Irish Festival that just happens to coincide with the trip. Some players might be going down and back on the same day as well.

Here is my confirmed list at the moment. If you're not on here and should be, please tell me. If you're on here and shouldn't be, please tell me that too. And if you need some convincing, please tell everyone on the list so we can bombard you with emails.

JF Gaudreau
Mike Roach
Raj Gill
Mike Storeshaw
Barry Bassingthwaighte
Rob Paterson
Mark Patterson
Jordi Feo Valero
Warren Clifford
Simon Tucker
Nathan Harris
Colin Currie
Al Rose

- Mike

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