Senators Registration for 2016-2017

Apr 27, 2016 - Senators and friends of the club,

REGISTRATION IS OPEN AND DUE FOR THE 2016 SEASON. Instructions for registration from Andrew Bailes are below:


Here is the website to register as an Ottawa Senator this year. Please note that registration must be completed by the next time you come to training - i.e. May 3rd

If you are lucky, your computer will remember your details from last year. If not, you may have to dig out your old user ID. It will be easier if you can find it from last year.
Log on with your user ID and password, or create a new one
The screens are largely self-explanatory. Yes, we are all 'athletes'. Please make sure you only select Masters insurance - this costs $50 for the Rugby Canada bit and $45.65 for the Rugby Ontario bit
The screens explaining how you 'must choose the most expensive option' are annoying, but just click through them.
For a full player, choose the $200 club fee. For over-50s games only, choose the $75 club fee
For full players, your total bill should be $306 (including credit card fee). For over 50s games only, it should be $181. If you are not paying these amounts you have done something wrong - go back and double check your selections

Members of the Exec must choose 'Board Member and Athlete' option. This gets the personal insurance bit (FWIW)
Referees will need to choose referee insurance as well. Stu Robinson - lets discuss the club fees.
Coaches will need to choose coach insurance - club will reimburse the difference outside this system.

If anybody has any questions, please let me know on

Kind regards,

Andrew Bailes

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