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Senators vs Quebec City, then Players' Night

Oct 24, 2013 - We play our final game of the season at TERP this Saturday, October 26.
Kick off is 3pm, please be there by 2:15. The forecast does not look great
so dress warmly, especially for the sideline. Per Alex they are bringing a
decent team and should have 15 to 18 players so we cannot take them lightly.
Lets make our last 60 minutes of the season count.

This is the starting line up.

1. John Smith
2. Al Rose
3. Simon Tucker
4. Shawn De Bow
5. Tom Sherratt
6. Darren Elder
7. Bruce MacAllister
8. Mark Patterson
9. Einar Murchison
10.Warren Clifford
11.Brett Whitehead
12.Colin Currie
13.Nathan Harris
14.Troy Messam
15.Chris Begley

Subs - Dave Christie, JF, Matty Thorpe, Andrew Bailes, Simon Tucker, Terry
Dalton, Lindsay McKenna, Gerry Lanegan, Tim Frank and anyone else I missed.

After the game we are not going to the bar, we are heading to the Arrow and
Loon for our Players dinner, meeting up at 6pm onwards. Please be there by
7pm the latest if you are attending. We are also hosting the Quebec City
team there so should be a fun night - start brushing up on your French.

For Dave Christie's benefit, we are wearing the black Senators polo's at the
Players Dinner. If you do not have one, find something similar.

Attendance for rookies is mandatory, large fines will be applied to those
that do not attend.


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