Cape Breton Middle School Soccer League
2017/11/02 - Thanks: To all the players, coaches and parents, thanks for the year. See you in 2018. read more

2017/10/30 - Bronze Medal Games: Today is the day that we will award bronze medals in three categories. Good luck to those teams involved. read more

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Nice Result

Oct 6, 2017 - There were four games played today in the Cape Breton Middle School Soccer League.
In "A" girls play, at Neville Park, Whitney Pier Memorial defeated Breton Education Centre 6-1.
Scoring for WPM was Destiny Mac Donald and Ella Bottomley with two each. ,Ava Marks and Frankie Chislet.
For BEC Emmy Donovan had the lone goal.
At Open Hearth Grass #1 Malcolm Monroe defeated OVEC 5-0.
Scoring for Malcolm was Rose Mac Leod with 2, Ella Binder, Mariah Herve and Faith Pelly.
The shutout was by Chloe Parsons.
In "B" girls action, at Open Hearth Grass #2, Malcolm defeated ECOLE 6-2.
Scoring for Malcolm were Cassie Mac Leod, Autumn Mac Innis, Karis Christmas, Marissa Cox, Rebecca Morrison and Kristen Slipp.
Scoring for ECOLE was Makalya Gallant with two.
In boys play, at Neville Park, BEC defeated Whitney Pier Memorial 11-2.
Scoring three hat tricks was Logan Hollohan and Morgan Hillier with 2.
For WPM Reese Allen with 2.

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