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Golden Night

Oct 26, 2016 - The final games were played tonight in the Middle School Soccer League and the reward for getting the win was a medal, a banner and a trophy, really a golden night.
The first game was the "B" girls final between BEC Bears and Malcolm Monroe, and the Bears came away with a 1-0 win.
Scoring for BEC was Caleigh Donovan.
BEC secured the Highland Middle School "B" girls banner.
In "A" girls play, Malcolm won their first banner of the night with a 2-0 win over Whitney Pier Memorial.
Scoring for Malcolm were Alice Reynolds-White and Lila Mac Leod.
Chloe Parsons recorded the shutout.
The last game of the night saw the Bears from New Waterford win their second banner of the night with a penalty shootout win over Malcolm Monroe.
Drew Baldwin opened the scoring for BEC but that was quickly equaled by Sandy Patterson of Malcolm.
After two periods of "Golden Goal" we had to decide the banner with the dreaded penalty kick shootout.
This had drama as BEC scored on their first four shots and Malcolm missed one of their first four.
BEC needed only only to score on their fifth, but the shot went wide to give Malcolm life.
The BEC keeper, Evan Campbell, made the save and the Bears won their second banner of the night to take the overall banner accumulation.
This ends the 2016 season, and those who participated and watched were impressed with the style of play and skill level shown by the players.
Well done to all.

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Lonita LoroSep 12, 2017
Hi just wondering when the 2017 schedule will be posted.
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