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2017/09/10 - 2017 Season Begins: The 2017 edition of the school soccer season begins on the 12th. There are three divisions with teams vyi... read more

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Edging Closer

Oct 6, 2017 - There were three games played today in the Cape Breton High School Soccer League today and with Memorial's boys win, they are moving up the line.
At Recreation Park, Memorial High defeated Glace Bay High 5-4, to move within 2 points of GBH with one more week to play.
The higher seed does not play likely Riverview, in the first round of the playoffs.
Scoring for Memorial were Jacob Johnson scoring four goals and Nicolas Cueva.
Replying for GBH was Matthew Mac Carthy with a pair of goals, Braeden Hiscock and Ondrej Kasalicky.
The other game, played at Open Hearth Steel Turf, saw Sydney Academy eek out a 2-1 win over Riverview JV boys.
Scoring for SA were Justin Ferguson and Martin Pilataxi.
Replying for the JV boys was Ryota Tomanoi.
In JV girls play, at Memorial High, Riverview Reds defeated Memorial 2-0.
Scoring for Riverview was Catherine Pickup with both goals.
Erin Beaton had the shutout.
Next week is the last week of regular season play with playoff positions still to be decided.

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