Grand Falls Windsor Donnini's Men's Basketball League
2016/12/31 - Men's Basketball Starts January 4, 2017: Donnini's and Barneys will kick off 2017 at EVH on Wednesday January 4, 2017 at ... read more

2016/12/09 - TOP SCORERS : POWERADE Brian Cooke - 23.4 ppg Adam Hickey - 17.3 ppg Matt Stagg - 14.1 ppg Corey King - 11.3 ppg Andre Gi... read more

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Grand Falls Windsor Donnini's Men's Basketball League would like to welcome you to our website. This website has been designed to provide up-to-date information regarding our league and all the teams in our league. This information, which includes sport reports, schedules, and announcements, is important to all players, coaches, and fans.

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2017/02/20 - DONNINI'S DEFEATS BARNEY'S BY TWENTY! - At the half Donnini's had a 40 to 31 lead over Barney's. Luis Concepcion Sanchez netted 13 points for the pizza squad while teammate Chad Clendenning netted 12 points. Nathan Sullivan netted 16 points for Barney's while teammate Nathan Tucker netted 8 points. Donnini's ... read more

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If you have any questions or would like to play this season please call Brian Cooke @ 489-9256 or email @

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