Cape Breton High School Soccer League
2015/11/08 - Congratulations: The players and coaches from Riverview High have won the 2015 Division 1 Girls Championship today at Cape Bre... read more

2015/11/03 - Congratulations: Riverview JV Boys and Girls teams both came away with Bronze medals In their efforts this past weekend. Fine... read more

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Cape Breton High School Soccer League would like to welcome you to our website. This website has been designed to provide up-to-date information regarding our league. This information, which includes sport reports, schedules, and announcements, is important to all players, coaches, and fans.

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2015/11/03 - TIMES SET - The schedules for the Provincial play downs was revealed yesterday: Division 1 Girls, at CBHC November 6 12 pm Riverview vs CP Allen November 6 2:30 pm Halifax West vs Sir John A November 7 Bronze medal 10 am November 7 Championship 12 pm Division 2 Girls at Recreation Park November 6 12 pm Glace B... read more

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