Norton Diamond Soccer Complex - 21 Myrtle St, Stratford, PEI, C1B 2W2
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josh livingstone
Aug 2, 2010
when does the indoor soccer begin and they should do like hosue and permier becuase last year my team was all house and we won 2 games and tied one and whos coaching stratford under 14 boys

Adrian Harrison
May 20, 2010
As a soccer playing Alumni of UPEI, I am delighted to hear about the strides that soccer is taking on the island. Being from Ireland (from away) and having the advantage of being able to play year-round (albeit in the constant Irish rain...liquid sunshine) I know the strides that will be made in developing year round players. From my own experience with the field turf surface it is indeed a great way to play soccer year round, and will be of great benifit to all who train on it.
Indeed of last years' English premier team 19 of the teams have field turf training facilities which they use during inclement weather. The only exception is Bolton (who while they do not have their own facility, actually train on the JJB indoor field turf facility in Blackburn.
good luck with the venture.
Adrian Harrison
Co. Cavan

Gerald MacDonald
Brackley Beach
Jun 16, 2009
Just got back from the facility...impressive...Paul MacGuire...clubs have been contacted and there was never any intention but for this facility to become an "Island Wide" home for indoor soccer...we thought that it would be open earlier but, you know how things go..."Official Opening" on Friday,June 19 at 10:00 am and "Soccer Day In Canada" activities from 9 am till 4:30 on saturday, June 20 with 2 teams from each club on PEI as well as an Avondale Islanders game on the grass at Stratfort vs. Moncton at 2. We're live from Stratfort on full CBC from the new complex between 1 and 2:30...somewhere n there with Boomer. Everyone who reads this, come to the opening on Friday if you can and come Saturday...we have hot dogs!!!

Fred Foster
Jun 11, 2009
I'll try to answer a couple of Paul's questions. First of all we are very aware that this is a Provincial Complex and we want and encourage all of our soccer players from every part of the Island to use this facility. All Island Clubs have been requested to talk with their membership as to what extent they would like their players to use the building. Our plans are to have senior men's, senior women's and youth leagues up and operating from November through until the end of April. The PEISA Technical Staff will also be running U6,U8, U10, and U12 clinics throughout the winter as well as the provincial and RTC programs.
Our biggest challenge right now is to get the invaluable feedback from the Clubs if they want times booked for their Club. Also we're looking for people who would be interested in volunteering for positions on the PEI Indoor Soccer League Executive.
For teams and Clubs who wish to book field times periodically throughout the winter, that will be done through the facility manager, based upon available space. Our goal is to have our facility fully booked week in and week out. This will be done on a first come first serve basis. Its up to everyone out there, if the fields are available, then we want you to use them.
If you Club want field time the owness is on you to let us know and we'll work with you to get you your space.

Paul McGuire
May 15, 2009
I posted a message before however maybe it was not as positive as some of the others which was why it was not put up. I did not know that if you have an opinion,it has to always be on the side of Soccer PEI so my sincere apologies.
My question was how is the booking system for outside associations to make it accessible to them. My intention was to find out what is in place to make it FAIR for them as we have put our own monies into it also. I assume the mandate is to promote it provincially and not just in the central area of the province.
Looking forward to being able to use the site and promoting soccer in Prince County area.
Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire
Apr 8, 2009
The complex looks very professional and will be a huge bonus to hopefully the outlying areas of the island also and not just Charlottetown and surrounding geographical communities .One assumes that there is a booking plan in place to accommodate the eastern and western parts of the island.If anybody has a contact name for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers and keep up the good work!
Paul McGuire

Brian Murphy
Mar 7, 2009
As a parent, former coach, and a fan of youth soccer it is
great to see this facility finally get started.
Congrats to all the committee members, PEISA, and all involed, especially the workers in these cold winter months. Looking Good. ALL our PEI soccer players will now have the opportunity to train in a comparable venue to soccer players in the other provinces that we compete against.

Jonathan Vos
Mar 4, 2009
Site is looking great.
Very excited to play in this complex. This facility will be great for youth soccer on PEI. Giving those the opportunity to train year round that wish too.

Kick it!

When can we get started on Phase 2? ;)

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