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Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador has partnered with Respect in Sport Incorporation to release a comprehensive Parent Education Program that covers a spectrum of important parenting topics.  This program was supported by the minor hockey delegates that were in attendance during the HNL Fall Meetings. The HNL branch will be recommending the program for all parents this coming season and making it mandatory for all new parents in the 2012-2013 season with the intent of having this program fully mandatory in 2013-2014.Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador- Parent Program

Suggested User Instructions for Respect in Sport for Parents

The following brief instructions are provided to assist with accessing and advancing through Respect in Sport.

Registering for Respect in Sport-Parent program:

·       Click on the link or button displayed to access the program.  By default the system will load in English.  Click the word “Français” to translate the page if necessary.

·       Select “Register a New User”

·       Create a username and password for your self in the appropriate fields.  Respect Group Inc. recommends using an email as a username as this is generally unique to an individual and not easily forgotten. 

·       Complete all fields.  Any fields identified with a red X is a mandatory field and must be completed.  Other fields are considered optional but may be requested by your organization.

·       Any field with a “?” in a circle beside the red X has a tool tip.  If you run your mouse over the tool tip, more information about that field will be displayed.

·       Review and accept the Respect Group Inc. privacy policy.

·       Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

·       On successful registration submission, you will have a “Continue Registration” page displayed.  This is the page which displays the cost of the program.  Click Purchase

·       A new page will be displayed indicating what program access you are purchasing.  All transactions will be completed via PayPal.  Click “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the purchase.  This transaction will take place on the secure PayPal website.  Respect Group Inc. personnel and systems will never have access to credit card information.

·       Once purchase has been completed, you will have access to Respect in Sport.

·       Immediately on completing the registration, the user is displayed the Child Management Page where she/he can add the first name, last name and date of birth of each child, as well as the hockey association the child is playing under.

·       The parent (family or caretaker) completes the program.

·       On completion of the program, the system will talk to the HCR and do a look-up based on associated children only.  (If there are no children associated, no information will be transmitted).  The look up will be based on the Branch ID (which is why it is important the user registers at the appropriate URL and under the right association), the child's first name, last name and date of birth. 

·       If a match is found, the HCR will tell us which Minor Hockey Association the child is affiliated with (this is known as the Office ID).  The system then talks to the HCR again and updates the appropriate child record using the correct Office ID.  The information placed on the Child Athlete's record is the user’s certification number and the name of the person who completed the program.

·       If no match is found, a new record will be created for the Child Athlete and on it will be the Parent Program certification number and the name of the parent who completed. 

·       Once in the program, click on your language of choice to access the program content pages, then on Parent Program Content in the left hand side menu.

·       Enjoy Respect in sport.

Re-accessing Respect in Sport

·       Click on the link or button displayed to access the program.  By default the system will load in English.  Click the word “Français” to translate the page if necessary.

·       Enter the username and password you entered while registering for the program.

·       The completed lessons will be indicated with a checkmark; you can then continue to the next uncompleted lesson.

·       You can re-access any completed lessons.

·       Handouts are always accessible from the program slides or from the Handouts menu at left

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