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Coaching Staff 2014-2015

Coaching Staff for the 2014-2015 Hockey Season


Initiation: Head Coach- Dan Allen

Novice: Head Coach- Jason Jones,  Assistant Coach-Sarah Rees, Trainer-

Atom: Head Coach- Craig Galton, Assistant Coach- Dean Rice, Trainer- Alfonso Bellissimo

Peewee: Head Coach- Chris Torraville, Assistant Coach- Mike Sharron, Trainer- Allison Baker

Bantam: Head Coach- Derek Woolridge, Assistant Coach- Darryl Rowsell, Trainer-

Midget: Head Coach- Paul Keough, Assistant Coach- Doug Hemeon & Ron Foss, Trainer-Mike Stride

U12: Head Coach- Regan Rogers, Assistant Coach- Craig Gaulton, Trainer-

U15: Head Coach- Ron Foss, Assistant Coach- Corey Pretty, Trainer- Nancy Ball

U20; Head Coach- Corey Pretty, Assistant Coach- Marcus Elliott, Trainer- Tammy Fudge


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