Cape Breton High School Soccer League
2017/11/04 - BEC Win: The BEC Girls today won the 2017 NSSAF Division 2 soccer championship, played in New Waterford. read more

2017/09/10 - 2017 Season Begins: The 2017 edition of the school soccer season begins on the 12th. There are three divisions with teams vyi... read more

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Playoffs Begin

Oct 15, 2016 - The opening round in the Division 1 playoffs begin on Monday at different venues.
The Division 2 are underway with opposition from other parts of the Island.
The JV girls begin on Sunday at Memorial and Recreation Park.
The JV boys is awaiting the Western #2 to travel up this way to take on our Riverview JV boys.

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mary lynn macleodOct 5, 2017
Is the schedule out for high school playoffs
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Justin FergusonOct 19, 2016
When is sydney academy boys next playoff game and where for second round.
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